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Coworking Space

Why Choose a Corporate Coworking Space Over Other Options

When it comes time to expand your startup, you might be wondering what the next right step is. Money is not quite abundant yet, but the home office set up is getting a little cramped and you need a better place for the team to meet up. This is when a coworking space is a great idea. How do you know if it's right for you? What makes it better than other options? Let's take a look.

What About a Corporate Office Space?
When you're ready to move out on your own, there are basically two choices. You can choose a coworking space, or you can dive right in and start a lease on a corporate office space. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and which one you choose will really depend on you, your current work style, and your future business goals.
A corporate office space is the right move if you've already expanded beyond capacity. It's a fairly permanent decision since you'll be signing a lease for at least 12 months. You'll need to have the money to back it up as well. But it can make sense if you're fully funded and have a large enough staff to fill the space already.

A Coworking Space is More Flexible
With a coworking space, you have more flexibility. You can join a membership and pay your fee one month at a time. That way, you're free to leave and move on to the next thing whenever you're ready. They also cost less per month than a corporate office space lease. However, some investors or partners might be put off by the temporary office space and think you aren't serious about your business.

A Corporate Coworking Space is Just Right
To get the best of both worlds, try a corporate coworking space. It has all the things you need to be a real professional, including dedicated office spaces, access to meeting rooms, and a great collaborative environment. Plus, you can go month-to-month and not have to worry about a long-term lease. It's a great place to be in for the new startup or company that's just starting out.

There's Room to Grow at Wilshire1001
For the perfect corporate coworking space in downtown LA, check out Wilshire1001. We're a new state-of-the-art coworking building with the fastest internet in LA, a gourmet coffee bar, and exclusive events just for our members. To learn more about us, please schedule a tour today! We'd love to show you around!

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