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Meeting Room Spaces

Who Uses Office Space Memberships?

Coworking spaces have become all the rage over the past couple of years. There are more startups now than ever before and these new businesses frequently use these new, innovative spaces. Although there are no credentials to rent office spaces like these, we still see a lot of the same types of people visiting us. Here are three types of spaces at Wilshire1001 and the kinds of people that use them.

Meeting Room Spaces
Having a meeting in a busy coffee shop or outdoor cafe might seem convenient, but it can actually make the meeting less productive. And, not to mention, it will make you seem unprofessional as the meeting organizer. With office space memberships, you have access to meeting room spaces that you can use for a variety of reasons. New tech startups use these spaces to hold investor meetings. Small companies like these spaces for brainstorming sessions. Whoever you are, you can use these spaces as part of your membership.

Office Space Memberships
Coworking spaces often work on a membership model. There are typically a few different levels, and each level offers more and more benefits. Office space memberships will typically allow you access to all common areas, a dedicated office space that's just your own, and access or discounts to meeting rooms. This can be a great benefit to a small team or a new startup that doesn't need a lot of space, but does need somewhere to routinely connect and get stuff done.

Team Offices
Some teams need to meet every day. Other teams like to meet up once a week, or once per month, and spend the rest of their days working remotely. Regardless of how your team gets stuff done, team offices can help. You can rent a space for a few hours or an entire day for periodic check-ins. You can also rent an office for your entire team to work in every day so you can maintain a collaborative environment. These are often used by small companies that are just starting out and looking to expand, but can't quite manage the budget of a dedicated office space just yet.

Whoever You Are, Whatever You're Doing, We're Here for You
At Wilshire1001, we have a variety of flexible spaces to meet your needs. From sole proprietors looking to get out of the house, to small teams launching a tech startup, to entire companies on the verge of making it big, you have a home here at Wilshire1001. We would love to tour you around our property and show you all that we have to offer. Please contact us today to book your visit!

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