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Private Office Spaces

Benefits of Private Offices in Downtown LA

Building your business in the great city of Los Angeles is the best way to get started on your venture. The city is a hub for so much activity, from movies to fashion to technology. Here are three of the biggest benefits to launching your business in our DTLA office suites.

Location, Location, Location
If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times. Your location is vital to your business's success. What could be a better location for starting a business than right in the heart of Los Angeles? Everything you could ever need is just a few steps outside the front door. Restaurants are nearby for grabbing lunch during the day or dinner after work is over. There's also tons of bars for happy hour drinks, and boutiques for shopping. From paper and pens to a new work outfit, there's no shortage of the best in Downtown LA.

Professional Space
The private office spaces at Wilshire1001 provide you with a professional looking space. Not only does this make your brand look good on social media, it also impresses your guests. When you've got a big investor asking for a meeting, you don't want to hold it at the coffee shop down the street from your apartment. Although that's convenient, it sends out the wrong vibe. It looks like you don't have your stuff together and that you aren't serious about your business plan. Make yourself look like the professional startup you actually are by renting out your own private office spaces for meetings.

A Great Address
You are going to be putting your address on a lot of things, even if the products or services you sell are 100% online. You'll still need an address to register your business, fill out your social media profile, complete tax paperwork, send mail, and add to your email signature. By having an address in Los Angeles, California, those who receive notices from you will immediately be impressed. Investors, partners, employees, and clients or customers will take you more seriously with a professional address, not just your apartment or a P.O. Box.

Schedule a Tour Today!
There are many more benefits to private office spaces, and we can tell you all about them on a tour! We would love to have you visit us at Wilshire1001! We can show you around the property, give you a look at our office suites, common spaces, and coworking areas, and discuss pricing options with you. Our private offices in Downtown LA are the perfect place to launch your business. Come see us today to learn more!

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