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Shared Office Space

When is the Right Time to Use a Shared Office Space?

Co-sharing office space has become a big deal in the entrepreneurial world. More buildings are being dedicated to this style of working every year. If you're running a startup or working at a small company, you may have wondered about exploring this option for your business. Here are some signs it's time to consider a shared office space.

You're Taking on New Team Members
When it's just you, it's pretty easy to work from home, a coffee shop, or the library. When you start adding people to your team, you're going to want a place you can all get together. From brainstorming sessions, to state of the business meetings, you can be more collaborative when you are in the same space together, instead of just video-chatting online. Even if you're not meeting every day of the week, it's still nice to have a dedicated space that's clean, quiet, and helps you stay productive. Shared offices fit the bill, easily.

You Want to Look Professional
A major step in expanding your startup is bringing in new investors and partners. Meeting in your garage isn't exactly the most viable space for locking down deals. Instead, a shared office space will provide you with access to meeting rooms that you can book to bring in investors, partners, clients, or customers for important meetings. You can also use these spaces for interviewing new employees. They help you look more professional so the people you're meeting with will be more likely to trust you and believe in you.

You Need a Stepping Stone
Many small businesses start off in a spare bedroom, basement, or garage space. But it's a big leap to go from that, to your own permanent office space. A shared office space is the ideal stepping stone. They are often far cheaper per month, come with lots of great amenities, and are great for small teams. They help you get your feet off the ground so you can eventually expand into something longer-lasting, but not before you're ready.

Ready to Learn More?
Contact Wilshire1001 today. Our beautiful shared offices in downtown Los Angeles are the perfect fit for any business. Whether it's just you, or a team of eight, we've got private offices, dedicated desks, and community memberships. Plus, you'll also get access to our free events, a drinks bar that includes coffee, water, and tea, wired cat 6 internet (the fastest internet in LA), and a 5% discount on meeting rooms. Schedule your tour today and learn more about co-sharing office space at Wilshire1001! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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